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Your bridge jacking moving expert American-Lowe was established in 1958. We soon gained a reputation for quality, safety and innovative solutions for the heavy lifting and sliding of structures using our own range of hydraulic jacks and specialist heavy lifting equipment developed from over 54 years of practical experience within the construction industry.

Your bridge jacking moving expert specializes in bridge jacking and shoring. American-Lowe has designed and custom built our own set up for raising and shoring bridges. As a bridge jacking expert we have developed a cost effective alternative to the traditional methods of temporary shoring of bridges and other heavy overhead structures.

This fully engineered system provides an advantage over other systems in the savings accrued through lower labor and materials cost while significantly reducing the overall time of the project.

Each column is placed on a pad, that is specifically designed for each particuliar situation. The columns are then secured to the structure and a bracing system is installed that takes into account any dynamic loads imparted by winds or traffic. Once the columns are secured , the lifting can begin. The lifting of the structure is accomplished by the hydraulic jacks incorporated in the base of each column. Each of the columns is engineer certified to lift that column and has a block off load. The columns can be used individually or in groups of any number.

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Your house building movers is the premiere house and structural mover in the South Eastern United States, covering Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. We can move anything - from small buildings to large historical houses.

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As experts in the house moving industry, your house building mover is equipped with the latest house moving and lifting equipment, such as remote control house moving dollies and hydraulic lifts to provide the structural and house moving services to our customers for brick, stone, masonry, log or wood frame buildings.

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Your house building movers has an excellent reputation for professionalism and quality workmanship in the structure building moving industry. It is a privilege for us to highlight with photographs some of our jobs. See our photo gallery showing some of our recent jobs.

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