How much will it cost to move my house?

There is no set price. There are many variables involved like: size, location, type of structure and distance.
Calling for an estimate is the best way to find out.

What damage should I expect?

Very little if any when you have a qualified house building mover. Someone who knows the structure of the house and the load bearing. Setting up a house to move is the most important part of the project. This is where experience comes in to play. Transporting your building from one location to another, when done right should have no effect on the structure.

Is moving a house profitable?

Yes, most of the time.
If the house has a bad foundation or erosion problems.
Getting the house for free.
Having a place to put it close by.
A historical house can not be replaced.

How long does it take to move a house or building?

The answer to that is entirely depending...
on the size, the age, what it is sitting on, location of where it is going, and so on.

What other reasons are there to move a house?

Replace a bad foundation with a new foundation.
Beach erosion.
Do not like the view where the house is located on your property.

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Your house building movers is the premiere house and structural mover in the South Eastern United States, covering Georgia, South Carolina and Florida. We can move anything - from small buildings to large historical houses.

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As experts in the house moving industry, your house building mover is equipped with the latest house moving and lifting equipment, such as remote control house moving dollies and hydraulic lifts to provide the structural and house moving services to our customers for brick, stone, masonry, log or wood frame buildings.

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Your house building movers has an excellent reputation for professionalism and quality workmanship in the structure building moving industry. It is a privilege for us to highlight with photographs some of our jobs. See our photo gallery showing some of our recent jobs.

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